Hard working woman

Why do we always pick the hottest weekends to tackle yard projects?? Two years ago we did mulch while it was 100-102 out. This year we tacked the bed edging and it was 97-98 out. But at least the project is mostly done. There really wasn't any edge between where out flower beds ended and the lawn began. Now we have brick edgers. Later on this week we need to backfill some places with dirt and cut the bricks where we couldn't fit a whole brick. I'm happy and feel accomplished.

I'm sitting here waiting for the cable guy. Mark sliced our cable wire clear in half on Saturday. We haven't had cable or Internet since. The cable I'm not so bummed about. It's the Internet that I needed this weekend to work on some projects for work. Looks like today is going to be a long day once I finally get to work. At least Comcast gives you an hour window now, not 4 or 6 hours like they used to.

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I have such a negative body image right now. I need to get back on track with working out and eating good again. Too much processed food. And since I'll be going into high stress mode for the next three weeks, there's no better time to change to healthier eating (fruits/veggies if I'm going to stress eat, not chocolate/chips).

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Everything in its place and a place for everything

The cleaning and organizing bug took over again this weekend. It started on Saturday with a garage sale. My friend Allison was having one at her house and invited me to bring anything over I wanted to sell. I gathered a few things in the morning, not thinking too much would sell. I ended up making $40 and bringing home a few items I thought for sure would go fast. Off to the donation center this week.

Today we started the morning with a great breakfast at our favorite little breakfast spot. Their patio was open so we ate outside. Banana cream stuffed French toast for me and breakfast tamales for Mark. Yum! After a few pit stops, we came home with 12 plastic totes. Let the basement organizing begin!

Mark set off some bug bombs yesterday so I wouldn't encounter any creepy crawlies while I worked. I knew we had a mouse down there and while I didn't find him down there, I did find where he was living. Unfortunately it was in my box of stuff from my bedroom growing up. My National Honor Society shirt was gone as was my musical koala bear and the dog I used to sleep with growing up. Thankfully all the pictures, albums and other stuff in the box was not touched. He got into a few other boxes but noting damaged. So everything is now in plastic totes. And we threw out a LOT of stuff. The neighbors are going to wonder on garbage day!

Tool bench clean-up

Organized totes

I just need to find someone who will rebuild, refinish and refurbish the mirror sitting on the floor. It's a beautiful antique stand mirror Mark got me a few years ago but it needs some work to being it back to its original state. Need to look someone up.

Short week at work. 4 days and then a long weekend in St Joe. And we get to see Lia!

Doctor visit on Wednesday, hoping to start the next round ASAP!

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Lilacs and Lillys

Productive day again today. Got Mark off to work this morning. Steam cleaned the carpet in the family room. Between my husband and the dogs, it gets a little dirty. It looks so much better now. I then managed to get a good 3 hours of work in. Funny how one week can throw you so far off.

When Mark came home we made the decision that it was time to buy carpeting. We had been trying to hold off but we can't sell the house without replacing all the carpeting first. So we might as well enjoy it for a bit. There is very little padding in the family room and the carpet was laid on the cement slab so it's always cold down there (great during the summer, however we have the worlds supply of blankets down there). The stairs have lost all their fibers on the treads. The upstairs hallway has no padding left in the center, only as you get very close to the walls. In the two spare rooms the carpet is worn and doesn't have a lot of padding. And in the master, we have burnt orange/rust carpeting (everything else is beige). So we looked at Lowe's and talked with Mark's dad (he used to flip houses). One of my old associates from Circuit City has the hook up as his dad is a regional manager and can get us carpet at cost. So we'll be meeting with him in a few weeks to get things settled. I didn't realize there were so many choices! I'm hoping to move all the furniture in the master and paint the walls prior to the new carpeting going in. Im not sure what the former owners thought: rust carpet and Facebook blue walls.

After that we went to the jewelry store to look at anniversary gifts: a watch for Mark and an anniversary band for me. Hard to believe in June we will have been married for 5 years and together for 11.

Stopped by the nursery on the way home. Found a replacement lilac for the one in the front. It's hanging in there but looks pretty bad compared to the other two. I'm trying to find a place to replant it and give it a second chance. We also got another vine plant to climb the fence in back. Jodi I saw so many options for you. Have you thought of a butterfly bush?

Cookies are about to come out of the oven (chocolate chip). Mark got a movie tonight so it's date night in.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone on here. You're all mothers, no matter if it is to you own kids, kids you are caring for, to your pets and even to your husbands. Hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow. <3

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Planting is done!

This year's plants: jalapeños, parsley, sweet pepper, cherry tomatoes, chives, basil,cilantro and strawberries (they will be hanging in two weeks.

And the flowers are planted in the containers out front. I was so happy to see my dahlias from last year came back up again. Still need to replace the lilac bush out front. Maybe next weekend.

Now to prepare dinner and stuff for the week. Tonight: balsamic and garlic grilled tenderloin, red potatoes with herb butter and fresh green beans. Frozen berries with a warn white chocolate sauce for dessert (thank you Pinterest).

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